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Urgent Care X-Ray Services Coral Springs

Your Guide to X-Ray’s and What Signs to Look For

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if its time to get that x-ray for your most recent injury. An x-ray can be easy to put off because sometimes we truly don’t know that our body is in a condition that requires one. Some people even find that they can function with some pain and decide that things will just eventually resolve themselves. This may be all fine and good for now; however, injuries that require x-rays do not always get better on there own. In fact, in a lot of cases, these injuries tend to get worse and worse to the point where you have turned one small injury into a drastic one. Don’t let yourself get to this point. The worst feeling is knowing that if you had come in sooner for the x-ray that the treatment process would have been significantly shorter. Here at Walking Urgent Care, Inc. we have all of the resources and information you need to decide whether that leg injury needs to be x-rayed or not. If this situation applies to you, keep on reading; this is your comprehensive guide on when and where to get an x-ray.

Three Signs You NEED an X-Ray

 X-rays are usually done on people who have broken bones or are suspicious that a bone is broken or sprained. One thing to keep in mind is that bone injuries of any kind are not going to get better without the proper treatment. To get the proper treatment you are going to need to first get an x-ray to establish that there is a bone or injury to treat. Here are some signs that it’s time to stop by Walking Urgent Care, Inc.

1.    Swelling That Does Not Go Away

This is one of the easiest physical signs to spot. Swelling that does not seem to go away with typical topical treatments such as applying ice and heat is a sure sign that there may be something else going on that needs to be checked out. While swelling can happen after a variety of other medical conditions, if it happens directly after an injury has occurred it is safe to say that a fracture or sprain is going on.

2.    Bruising

This is another physical sign that you can keep an eye out for. Bruising can be no big deal most times; however, when it comes to a broken bone the bruising will is more likely to cover a much larger area of the injury. Bruising will usually accompany swelling so if you see one or the other keep an eye out for its partner in crime. Bruising and swelling occurring at the same time and in the same area is a strong indication of a serious underlying issue. This is a huge sign that an x-ray is in your body’s best interest.

3.    Deformity

This is one of the most nauseating signs to look for when determining if your bone is broken. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most obvious signs that you need an x-ray too. If you notice that your legs or arms can bend in a way that maybe they weren’t quite able to bend before, then you may want to get that x-ray. This is a clear sign of a bone dislocation situation, which requires immediate care from Walking Urgent Clinic, Inc. If you need another clear sign, check if the bone is sticking out of the skin. This is all you need to see to know that there is a very serious break that needs to be checked out as soon as possible.

If any of these signs apply to you then its time to get that x-ray done. On the bright side, once the x-ray is done and the area has been properly diagnosed you can begin your road to recovery. You may be wondering where you can get a quick, quality, and affordable x-ray; don’t look any further, our team at Walking Urgent Clinic, Inc. can get the x-ray done and meet all of these criteria. We pride ourselves on servicing the community in a way that helps them. For all of your x-ray needs, contact us at (954) 356-2217 or come and visit us at our Coral Springs location. We are looking forward to helping you!