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Walking Urgent Care: Searching for X-Ray Machines Near Me

If you are searching Google for The Best Urgent Care with X-Ray Machines Near Me in Coral Springs, then Walking Urgent Care should be your first choice!  Walking Urgent Care, Inc. is a trusted urgent care center in Coral Springs, Florida. We have been serving the local community for over 30 years with our broad range of urgent care medical services. The primary function of Walking Urgent Care is to cater to immediate medical care in cases that do not quite qualify for the life and death environment of an emergency room. However, if you’ve got a broken bone, or even think that you may have fractured a part of your body and need an X-ray, there’s no reason to wait around for Emergency Room staff to find the time for you. 

Going to the hospital for any reason can be uncomfortable enough, but sitting around and waiting for X-rays when you are in pain is the worst kind of torture. Now imagine if you could get a local X-ray and the results for your X-ray in as little time as it takes you to watch one of your favorite TV shows! 

It is a great idea to visit Walking Urgent Care, as your local urgent care facility if you have an accident in the Coral Springs and think you may need an X-ray. Not only are we a great resource during emergencies or accidents, but also our in-house family doctors, Dr. Sameer Hakeen M.D, as well as Paul J. Cumello, PA-C and Dr. NasehNawabi, M.D., are committed to providing quality and precise healthcare advice and treatment to the numerous individuals and families in the city of Coral Springs. All of our experienced, highly qualified staff at Walking Urgent Care provides the highest level of care for chronic and acute conditions in our state-of-the-art facility.  

Benefits of Choosing Walking Urgent Care For X-rays In Coral Springs 

At Walking Urgent Care in Coral Springs, our mission is to deliver innovative, high-quality, person-centered care that help our patients enjoy healthier, happier lives. We pledge to provide compassionate and ethical care to all members of the families we serve in a most cost-effective manner.  

When you have an emergency, or an accident, there are a number of options to get care, but none of them come with the highest commitment to excellence as Walking Urgent Care.  If you have a busy or unpredictable work schedule, or you don’t have the time or the means to get to a hospital, choosing Walking Urgent Care for X-Rays in Coral Springs is a smart move for several reasons: 

Our Fast Response: If you visit a local hospital to get your x-ray, you will undoubtedly experience long wait times. Hospitals have a large number of patients to care for, and if someone comes in with a life-threatening condition, your x-ray is no longer a priority. At Walking Urgent Care wait times are shorter. This means you can get the x-ray you need much quicker. 

Our On-Site X-rays: When you visit your doctor’s office for a possible break or fracture that requires X-rays, they might not have the capability to perform tests on site. At Walking Urgent Care urgent, we have X-ray machines just like a hospital, saving you the time and energy it would take to travel elsewhere for imaging. 

Our Quick Results: At Walking Urgent Care, we can provide you with quick results from your x-rays. Hospital patients do not always receive the same service, and if you were to visit a technician, you might have to wait for your doctor to read and reviews the results. When you are in pain, quick results matter. 

Our Affordable Fees: At Walking Urgent Care, we offer cost-effective options for paying for necessary medical treatment.  We understand how financially devastating a large medical bill can be, and as such ,we work hard to keep our services affordable. 

Our Flexible Hours: Our urgent care facility offers flexible hours before and after morning and evening shifts: If you cannot come during the morning, we are open after dinner! Monday – Friday 8-9, Saturday 9-6, Sunday 10-6  

X-Ray Machines Near Me: When Feeling Better Just Can’t Wait 

The next time you are worried about a possible broken bone from an emergency or accident, do not hesitate to visit Walking Urgent CareOur on-site imaging services allow us to provide the fast and effective care you needWith our dedication to fast, patient-centered care, it’s no surprise so many prefer us to local hospitals. 

Walking Urgent Care is the most convenient place to get X-rays done in Coral Springs thanks to Dr.NasehNawabi, whofinished his residency for laboratory medicine in Cedars Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles. He moved to Florida shortly after to provide patients with the best care possible. He is now licensed in the state of Florida. He is the current president and leading physician of Walking Urgent Care in Coral Springs, Florida.