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Urgent Care X-Ray Services Coral Springs

What to Expect from an Urgent Care with X-Ray Machines Near Me

When searching online for “urgent care with x-ray machines near me,” you’re not sure what will turn up. It’s not common for urgent care facilities to have x-ray machines, and those that do are fairly new. It used to be common practice that those who needed a scan would make their way to the nearest hospital. They would spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a single scan, and they’d wait hours to see their doctor. Knowing that there is an option for urgent care to have an x-ray machine is a hack in the system. Not only do patients save time, but they also spend less. At Walking Urgent Care, Inc., we’re proud to say that we’re here to help. Keep reading to see what makes our team unique, and how we provide numerous services to be your one-stop-shop healthcare provider.   

Services from Walking Urgent Care: An Urgent Care with X-Ray Machines Near Me  

Of course, one of the top services we provide is x-rays and EKGs. As mentioned above, we strive to save people money and time, so that they may identify their issues, and move forward with ease. Some of the most common locations for a person to request an x-ray include the arms, elbows, hands, wrists, legs, knees, ankles, feet, chest, hips, spine, and skull. In addition to the ease of x-ray, our painless EKGs are a top request.   

Lab tests are also highly sought after, especially as it can tell a person quite a lot. Doctors will order blood work for a plethora of reasons. What makes Walking Urgent Care, Inc. special is that we do all of our lab testings in house. This means that we are faster at obtaining our results than those facilities that send theirs out. Lab tests can assist with identifying diabetes, cholesterol, drug tests, the flu, strep throat, pregnancy tests, and more. In addition to traditional blood tests, we provide DOT exams, TB testing, STD testing, and HIV testing.   

Last, but certainly not least, we provide comprehensive physicals and primary care. In fact, what makes our team incredibly unique is that we’re an urgent care and a primary care facility. We know that there are many items you and your loved ones will need over time. We also know that it can be difficult to find all of those services in one place. If you’re searching for “urgent care with x-ray machines near me,” contact the professionals at Walking Urgent Care, Inc. today at 954-755-4880