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What Makes Urgent Care, Your Primary Care Physician, and the ER Different?

In a time where there are numerous in-person options such as Urgent Care, your primary care physician (otherwise known as your PCP), and the ER it can be difficult to understand when to go to what. Having all of the options in the world sounds amazing and convenient, right? Wrong. Sometimes having many different options can make things harder on the patient. It’s important to know when an illness or injury is minor, moderate, or life-threatening. These categories are a telltale sign of where to go for the best possible treatment. While we all know our bodies and when things are heading downhill, knowing some of the common reasons for each type of medical health service can help you get treatment at a much quicker rate. At Walking Urgent Clinic, Inc. we have all of the tips on how to decide when to see whom. This is your one-stop resource for all of your options and when they will best suit what condition.

Urgent Care

Let’s start with the minor injury and illness level. Urgent Care is the place you will go to when you have a sinus or ear infection, minor burn or scrape, diarrhea and vomiting, difficulty breathing due to asthma, need your flu shot or other routine shots, get your prescription renewed, and sprains or strains. The services Urgent Care will provide you with are luckily also some of the more common illnesses and injuries that the average human will encounter. Urgent Care is the place you want to be if sick, every other option is for more serious situations. The best part about Urgent Care facilities such as Walking Urgent Care, Inc. is the wait times and affordability. The average person will wait at our facility for 15 minutes, allowing you to be seen, evaluated, and either treated or given treatment all without interrupting your day. We also offer our services at an affordable price. We want our patients to feel comfortable and confident that they can come to us for medical conditions without breaking the bank.

Your Primary Care Physician

This is where things get tricky. A lot of the services Urgent Care provides are also the majority of the services you would visit your primary care physician for. So how do you decide whom to go to? Your PCP has knowledge of all of your family medical history and past conditions; this makes them better suited to help you out with some circumstances. If you have been dealing with a chronic condition, pain, or illness then you should see your PCP over an Urgent Care Clinic. An Urgent Care location may be able to help you properly; however, there are some situations where having a medical history and someone who knows you personally can be more of a medical benefit. This is also true if you have been on specific medication for an extended period and need it managed or changed.

The ER

The ER can treat almost anything you come in for; although, it will end up costing you a pretty penny and a whole bunch of your time. If Urgent Care or your PCP can treat your illness or injury, then we advise that you go to one of those two places. The ER will have you wait for some time if you are not in a critical or life-threatening condition. Some signs that you should take a trip to the ER or call 911 are difficulty breathing due to an allergic reaction or a cardiovascular issue, severe chest pain particularly on the left side, signs of a stroke such as confusion, difficulty speaking, and sudden paralysis, life-threatening conditions, and injuries, and fevers, abdominal pain, and other signs of pancreatic and appendix issues.

Each place whether it be Walking Urgent Care, Inc. your PCP, or the ER you are bound to be treated with the highest level of attention and care. We all have a collective goal of making you feel your healthiest. Regardless of what your condition is, there is somewhere for you to get treated. Nonetheless, for all of your minor injuries and illnesses, save money and time and contact Walking Urgent Care, Inc. today at (954) 755-4880.