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What Are The Benefits of going to get your annual physical exam?

There comes a point every year where your annual physical nears. While this date gets closer and closer more questions may begin to pop into your head. Some of these questions we commonly get asked are whether a physical exam is necessary and why we recommend getting one every year. These questions and the many others we get are valid and can bring out some frustration in patients. Our staff at Walking Urgent Care, Inc. understands how annoying it can be coming into the clinic for a quick physical exam; however, these exams can serve you many benefits. It may seem useless in the short run but it can do you some good in the long run. We always like to say, even if you gain nothing from attending your yearly physicals as far as preventing any health concerns, it’s still good to have peace of mind and know you are healthy.


The thought of simply gaining knowledge from a physical examination may sound silly, but knowledge is power. This is especially true when it comes to knowledge about health. At every period of your life, child, teenager, young adult, adult, elder, there are going to be new health concerns, shots, and different health standards. Knowing everything about all of these topics can enable you to live a healthy lifestyle, making you happy and healthier in the long term. When you attend your annual physical you are presented with an opportunity to discuss anything under the sun with your doctor. This is the perfect time to discuss family history, medical concerns, medications, and the list goes on. No matter how ridiculous you think the question or concern is your doctor at Walking Urgent Care, Inc. will be more than happy to discuss the topic with you. We believe that you should know everything you want to when it comes to your health. This allows you to make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones. We are here to educate you so you can be in tune with your body.

Risk Factors

No matter how healthy you are it is critical to go to your physical exam every single year. Many people who suffer from chronic diseases, pain, and illnesses do not even know that they are living with a said medical condition. A large part of this is how the body reacts to certain things, making some able to live without experiencing any symptoms or complications. But, another part of this problem is people not attending their physical exams. More often than not these exams can tell you more about your health than you realize. The blood tests are done, the height/weight data, and the blood pressure tests are all done to get an idea of where your health is. If something looks even the smallest bit off your doctor can look further into it and see if there are any risk factors for any medical conditions. These appointments can quite literally save your life in some cases. Finding out about a condition early on is always better no matter how little damage that condition can do to you. If your doctor has found patterns or risks that you can change before it potentially develops into something alarming they can let you know too. Sometimes even the smallest changes your doctor recommends can prevent serious issues in the future.

When it comes time for your yearly physical exam, go with the place you can trust. At Walking Urgent Care, Inc. we only have the best of the best working to treat you and your loved ones. We value your health and make sure you feel comfortable from the second you walk in the door to the second you leave your appointment. Annual physical exams can either be a breeze or an anxious roller coaster, whatever your feelings are towards the exam, we will be here to answer any questions you have every step of the way. It’s important to us that you leave your appointment feeling knowledgable on your health, so you can continue to make the best decisions for you. To schedule your next annual physical either walk on in whenever it is convenient for you or give us a call at (954) 210-5097 to set up an appointment.