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Urgent Care | Pneumonia Symptoms

Visit Urgent Care in Coral Springs if You Have Symptoms of Pneumonia

In 2013, 56,832 Americans died from pneumonia, and that was not an anomaly. While some people think pneumonia is a disease that only killed people many years ago, it in fact can still and still does claim lives today. Thousands of people die from pneumonia each year in the U.S. Slightly more women than men are hospitalized for pneumonia, and the rate is slightly higher in white Americans than in black Americans. This disease is far from obsolete, and even with modern medicine, not everyone recovers. At Walking Urgent Care, Inc., we can help diagnose and treat you if you feel signs or symptoms of pneumonia. We urge you to take caution if you think you might be sick with pneumonia, as it is always better to play it safe and get checked out than to try and fight through it on your own. 

Anyone can get pneumonia, but it is most common in those over the age of 65 and those under the age of two. If you have a young child or are the caregiver for an older adult, keep a close eye on them, especially during the winter months, and seek medical treatment immediately if you have even the slightest suspicion of pneumonia.

People who have HIV/AIDS or other conditions that lead to weakened immunity are also at an increased risk for pneumonia. Respiratory illnesses, like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, make pneumonia more likely, too.

Pneumonia can be caused by bacteria or by viruses. One of the most common causes is actually the flu virus. What starts as a normal case of influenza can progress to pneumonia if the virus makes its way into the lungs. Therefore, getting your flu vaccine is an important step towards preventing pneumonia.

Pneumonia can also be caused by the bacteria that causes strep throat. If you develop a very sore throat and spots in your throat, which are signs of strep throat, seek prompt treatment. Taking antibiotics at the first sign of strep throat will not only make your throat feel better, but it will also keep pneumonia from developing.

Some patients can recover from pneumonia at home, as long as they follow their doctor’s orders for rest and medication use. But younger, older, and immune-compromised patients often require hospitalization. Don’t let pneumonia catch you off-guard. This illness can be deadly, but physicians can administer life-saving treatments. Head to Walking Urgent Care, Inc., if you suspect you may have pneumonia. Our on-site pharmacy guarantees you get the necessary antibiotics and other medications promptly.