Walking Urgent Care provides a broad range of urgent care medical services at our practice, serving residents of all ages throughout Florida.
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Urgent Care in Coral Springs

As the nation continues to debate the state of healthcare in the United States, one might begin to wonder where they should seek care after sustaining an injury. The Emergency Room may be the first place to come to mind, but then you remember the high costs and long wait times and wonder if you can stick it out until your next annual checkup. There shouldn’t be a reason for not getting the healthcare you need. This reason is why Walking Urgent Care, Inc. offers a Walk-In Medical Clinic in Coral Springs! At Walking Urgent Care, we believe no matter how tolerable the pain may be, a medical consultation by a licensed professional is the only certain way to confirm the extent of your injury. Fortunately, Walking Urgent Care has specialists in nearly every area of medicine, and if we cannot treat the symptoms or the disease at hand, we’ll certainly recommend you to a specialist to assist you as soon as possible. 

Forget About Having to Schedule Appointments

When you have been injured and in need of urgent care, consider visiting the medical professionals at Walking Urgent Care, who are ready to see you whenever it’s convenient for you. Whether the injury occurred 10 minutes before or has progressively gotten worse, you’re welcome to come into Walking Urgent Care to receive Urgent Care in Coral Springs without the high costs and long waits. Walking Urgent Care provides various healthcare services, including X-Rays, EKG Scans, and Physical Exams. At Walking Urgent Care, our wonderful staff of medical specialists can help you. If you need urgent care in Coral Springs, then look no further than Walking Urgent Care.

Experience You Can Trust

Walking Urgent Care has been keeping Coral Springs healthy for the past 30 years. Walking Urgent Care is proud to have the support of the numerous families in South Florida that rely on us for their Primary Care needs. No matter how severe the issue, the medical professionals at Walking Urgent Care will do everything in their power to help you. Whether you’re coming for a Car Accident Injury Evaluation, lab testing, or need a physical in Coral Springs, Walking Urgent Care is here for you! 

Accurate STD Testing Without Appointments

Not only is Walking Urgent Care known for being the best Walk-In Medical Clinic in Coral Springs, but we also offer healthcare services for your sexual health! Walking Urgent Care is proud to offer Sexually transmitted disease (STD) Testing for our patients in Coral Springs. Our facility is open seven days a week, including evening hours, making a stop-by easy and convenient. We can test for a wide variety of STDs, including: 

  • Chlamydia
  • Hepatitis
  • HIV
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • Herpes
  • And more!

Plus, our STD Testing clients have the same luxury as our other patients: no appointment required! When you come into Walking Urgent Care for STD Testing, you will meet the family team of Dr. Patricia Bierut-Daren and her husband, Robert Daren, PA-C, who work diligently to help diagnose and treat any infections or diseases from which you may be suffering.

Walking Urgent Care is proud to be the premier Walk-In Medical Clinic in Coral Springs! We’re here to ensure that you and your loved ones are well-taken care of, no matter the injury. Conveniently located at 10308 W Sample Rd Coral Springs, FL 33065, Walking Urgent Care is open seven days a week! Visit our office to see how you can benefit from our medical services. Contact the medical professionals at Walking Urgent Care, Inc. today by calling (954) 755-4880 or visiting our “Contact Us” page. We’re here when feeling better just can’t wait!