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The Importance of School Physicals and How Our Walk-In Clinic Can Help!

Every year as fall starts to get closer and closer, many parents start to go through the motions of getting your children ready for school. This routine usually includes school supply shopping, meeting the teacher, and getting your children’s school physicals done. The idea of the annual physical may be an annoyance for you, as it for many parents. You have to schedule a doctor’s appointment and take your children only for them to remain in the same health as last year. What’s the point? Well, physicals are valuable and necessary, no matter how annoying they may be. And if your child has remained on the same track, you’re a lot luckier than some other people are. For all the information you could ever need on the annual physical and why your children need them for school, keep reading. Our Walking Urgent Care staff breaks it down.

What is the Purpose of the Annual Physical?

First things first, let’s break down why the annual physical is vital. Similar to why the elderly go to the doctors every year is why your children have to go. A lot can happen in a year, especially if you are a child or an elder. Children are growing every single day, meaning that anything can happen. Going to the doctor once a year can monitor them and ensure that everything is going the right way. The doctor will be able to make sure everything physical is growing properly without any potential issues. And if there does happen to be an issue, they can get it fixed or recommend another specialist who can fix it. It’s true what they say, being a healthy adult starts in childhood.

Why are Physicals Required for School?

While every state is different, the general reason for annual physicals before the school year begins is to protect your children and other children. During your children’s physical, the doctor will check to ensure that they are up to date on their vaccinations. Having every kid vaccinated to the required extent protects everyone at the school and lowers the risk of severe illnesses spreading. While your children don’t need to receive every vaccine out there, they need to get the mandatory ones for school. The physicals are also required for your children to play sports and sometimes participate in clubs. This requirement is to make sure the children are cleared by their doctors to be able to play sports. 

Some conditions do not allow for this, and to put the children out on the field would be dangerous.

How to Prepare for the Physical:

The best way to prepare yourself for the physical is to have all of the medical information you need on hand. The doctor will want to know your medical history for your kid’s file. Having this information helps them keep track of your children’s health and prepare for any inherited conditions to arise. You also should come with any questions you may have. We recommend writing them down so you don’t forget to ask anything. The best way for you to get your children ready is to give them an idea of what to expect at the appointment. Many kids are scared of going to the doctor’s office but reassuring them that everything is okay will help ease their nerves. If they have to get a shot, try your best to tell them it won’t be that bad. The idea of getting a shot is one of the scariest parts of the doctor’s office, especially when it is unexpected. Preparing your children will help them feel more comfortable.

Walking Urgent Care Clinic Can Help! Contact Us Today!

The best time to book your children’s annual physical appointment is in advance. That way, you can focus on the school supplies without having to worry about getting shots and a physical done at the last minute. Although, if something comes up and you can’t make your appointment time, feel free to walk into the clinic whenever you have spare time, no appointment necessary. To book your children’s back to school physical, reach out to our staff at Walking Urgent Care at (954) 737-4872. Our team is looking forward to assisting you and your family!