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The Best Urgent Care Near Me in Coral Springs at Walking Urgent Care

Some people only begin to understand the importance of their vascular system, once it begins to fail. While vascular disease is a serious illness there are several treatment options and procedures available and when you visit Walking Care, we can certainly set you up so that you speak with the right professionals that can aid your case. Here, we pride ourselves in providing patients optimal care. Our medical staff is here to assist you in the process and provide you with the orientation you will need as you take different measures to emerge from this moment. Blood clots, for instance, are incredibly dangerous. If you have been feeling great pain, or if you just haven’t had a check-up in a long time, we highly recommend that you visit an Urgent Care Near Me in Coral Springs.    

Don’t be afraid! If you find out that you have blood clots, our specialists can recommend various procedures such as de-clotting. The vascular system is comprised of vessels and ducts that allow the blood to flow through the body, getting to the heart, brain and all other vital organs. When the lining is damaged, cells are also damaged; cholesterol and other lipids begin to harden the arterial wall, making it difficult for the blood to flow, which is when blood clots are created. This is very dangerous and if left untreated can have fatal consequences. Your arteries will begin to block, and that will never lead anywhere good. Don’t wait till it reaches that point. Instead, consider visiting an Urgent Care Near Me in Coral Springs. At Walking Care, we work directly with the greatest specialists. We know better than anyone that there are options available for individuals that are struggling with vascular disease and desperately need procedures such as de-clotting.   

Ignoring the problem can have grave consequences. Think about it! The vascular system performs a vital function. Without it functioning properly your body could eventually shut down. We suggest that if you notice any symptoms, such as these, you take action right away. Through our check-up, and X-rays, we can identify if you have blood clots forming in your body, but if you feel any of these sensations, please don’t wait and visit our urgent care right away. Your condition will only deteriorate if you let more time go by. The following are some signs that you should look for:  

  • A change in the color of your legs  
  • Sores on your toes, feet or legs  
  • Intermittent claudication-leg pain while walking  
  • No pulse or a weak pulse in your legs and feet   
  • Gangrene & more  

Contact the experts at Walking Care at (954) 755-4880 for more information on how you can save your life with the help of specialists. We know this is a stressful and scary time for you, however, there’s no need to be afraid and unsure. We’re committed and happy to help you in your process toward recovery. While you may have not been aware of it, there are great options out there for you that won’t jeopardize your health or safety, but that instead will allow you to live a healthier and safer life.