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Reasons to Locate a Walk-In Clinic with X-Ray Machines Near Me

If you’re looking online for a “walk-in clinic with x-ray machines near me,” then you’re in the right place. At Walking Urgent Care, Inc. we pride ourselves in offering exceptional services to all of our customers, both present and future. However, to do so, a facility must stay up to date with all of the latest and greatest technologies. This is precisely why we’ve added an x-ray machine, as well as EKGs. There are many reasons one would want to locate a facility specializing in x-rays. In this article, the experts at Walking Urgent Care, Inc. will walk you through some of the top reasons to use an x-ray machine, and how it can help you live your healthiest life.   

Car Accidents and a Walk-in Clinic with X-Ray Machines Near Me   

One of the top reasons people seek out an x-ray machine is after they’ve been involved in a car accident. This can be a scary event, and sometimes there are injuries that are quite subtle. These subtle injuries can be headaches, dizzy spells, or even whiplash. However, it’s important to have a scan done, simply to ensure that there isn’t anything more severe under the surface.   

Unexplained Pain   

Unexplained pain may not have a source or a reason. This could cause alarm, or reason for panic. Rightfully so, it’s best to have the body scanned for any possible issues. Some of the most common areas for an x-ray scan include arms, elbows, wrists, hands, knuckles, legs, knees, skull, and the spinal region.   

Abdomen Pain or Chest Pain   

While everyone hopes that this is not a pain they endure, it can be common. The natural first thought is that there is a heart attack on the horizon. However, this can happen in young people. Therefore, it’s best to have a look by a medical expert to see if there are further identifiable issues, non-related to a heart attack.   


There are many, many reasons to have an x-ray but some of the others include searching for cancer, looking at blocked blood vessels, identifying digestive issues, fractures, infections, and more.   

If you’re looking for a “walk-in clinic with x-ray machines near me,” don’t look any further! At Walking Urgent Care, Inc., we specialize in all thing’s health and wellness. X-rays are one of our specialties, and we’re proud to offer exceptional services. If you don’t want to wait, there’s no problem! Come in for a check-up quickly, receive the results, and be on your way! At Walking Urgent Care, Inc. we also offer lab tests, comprehensive physicals, STD and HIV testing, and primary care for families and individuals. Contact our team today at 954-755-4880. We can’t wait to help you heal!