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Preventive Care: How to Manage Diabetic Wounds

If you have diabetes, you will have this for life. Yet, this is not something to get anxious about. Diabetes is highly manageable especially when you coordinate with your primary care physician.

One of the known complications of diabetes is slow-healing wound. These wounds occur at the feet in most cases. Thankfully, you can now prevent complications. Here are some recommendations to avoid such complications.

  • Always check for any minor wound.
    Even a blister can go wrong if you don’t attend to it immediately. As a provider of urgent care services in Florida, we encourage you to be proactive in checking for any occurrence of wound daily.
  • Wear the right shoes.
    It is good to know that there are now many diabetic shoes you can secure from a pharmacy. These shoes can help improve your mobility. At the same time, these protect you from any possible scratch that regular shoes cause. Visit your nearby pharmacy to find the most fitted shoes.
  • Monitor your sugar level every day.
    If you have regular appointments in our Urgent Care Center in Coral Springs, Florida, you know that this is an important step for diabetes management. When you know your sugar level, you also know when is the best time to seek for medical intervention with your wounds.
  • Cooperate with your podiatrist.
    Podiatrists are healthcare professionals who specialize in foot care. They are very helpful for patients who have diabetic wounds at the feet. If your podiatrist prescribes you with a treatment, ensure that you follow their instructions.
  • Care for the wounds with diligence.
    Diabetic wounds will heal although it may take time. Because of this, wounds need diligent treatment and monitoring. It is important that you always see to your diabetic wounds regularly. This way, you can experience healing in a faster time than usual.

Diabetes can put also put you at risk of other health complications. To protect yourself or your loved one from these complications, know how to contact us at Walking Urgent Care,Inc. When urgent complications arise, you can walk right in to our clinic.