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October is Health Literacy Month

For 20 years, October has been celebrated and recognized as Health Literacy Month in the United States. Designated as such to raise awareness to gaps in health literacy across the country, this month highlights the ways community leaders and medical professionals can come together to improve the health and safety of our communities. Walking Urgent Care, a leading urgent care in Coral Springs, is dedicated to that mission. Here’s what you need to know: 

What is Health Literacy? 

As defined by the Center for Disease Control, health literacy is “the degree to which an individual has the capacity to obtain communicate, process, and understand basic health info and services to make appropriate health decisions.” 

What does that mean? Health literacy ultimately boils down to the effectiveness of medical providers in a community in addressing its health concerns. Gaps in the health literacy of a community should be addressed through collaboration between community leaders, local government officials, and medical professionals. 

In South Florida, the common challenges communities face when it comes to health literacy are: 

Access: underserved communities lack access to health services. This includes urgent care in Coral Springs and surrounding areas, a gap which Walking Urgent Care is attempting to close. Serving Coral Springs for over three decades, we accept clients across all demographics, including those who are uninsured.  

Cultural and Language Barriers: South Florida is a cultural mixing pot. With a variety of languages and cultures represented across our communities, our health care system should reflect that. Being able to communicate across language barriers and respecting differing cultural needs when it comes to urgent care in Coral Springs is important. 

At Walking Urgent Care, our staff is a direct representation of our diverse community. Our team is multi-cultural and multi-lingual, speaking English, Spanish, Creole, and Persian. We provide a safe space for all clients, no matter their race, gender, sexual identity, or disability. 

Education: Medical centers in a community are for more than treating injuries or illness. When it comes to health literacy, they are also a central hub for keeping the community informed of health risks and resources. For example, South Florida is a hot spot for new STD infections, especially among people 24 years old or younger. Having resources available to educate the public about STD testing and prevention can help to reduce that statistic. 

As a staple in the community for more than 30 years, Walking Urgent Care is dedicated to providing educational materials and resources to our clients. From specific information regarding a new diagnosis to general information about maintaining one’s health, we’ve got you covered.  

Walking Urgent Care is dedicated to providing quality medical care you can understand and adhere to. Our commitment to community health literacy means you get the individual care and attention you need. We take the time to explain your diagnosis and treatment plan as well as provide any additional resources you may need.  

Next time you or your family members are feeling under the weather, skip the long wait at the hospital. Visit Walking Urgent Care instead.