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How Often Should You Visit Walking Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic for Regular Appointments and Checkups?

Everyone knows health should be a priority, but not a lot of people can confidently say that they know how often they should visit the doctor. When it comes to how often you should see your healthcare professional, it depends entirely on your unique situation. Some people try and go every year despite being perfectly healthy, while others go every year because of an underlying condition. Preference plays a large role in the decision as well. So how are you supposed to figure out how often you should go? Here at Walking Urgent Care, located in Coral Springs, Florida, we have all the information on doctors’ appointments and can give you some insight into how often you should come in. But, if you ever think that something is feeling off and that you should be seen sooner, you can stop by our clinic, no appointment necessary.

Adult Check-Ups

One of the key factors in deciding how often someone should come to the doctor is age. Kids, adults, and the elderly will need to schedule appointments at different times. For adults, the average person will come in every three years for an appointment. This recommendation is for those who are between the ages of 18 and 50. After 50, the time frame changes from three years to one. However, if you are someone of any age below 50 who is not healthy, you may need to come in more frequently. Medical conditions such as diabetes that are considered chronic need to be checked up on more often. Your doctor may also recommend you come in as soon as six months if there was something wrong with your lab tests or something going on with your condition.

Children and Elderly Check-Ups

If you are a parent or part of the above 50 age bracket, then you should come in for an appointment at least once a year. Children need to come in more frequently because they are constantly growing, and your doctor needs to ensure that everything is turning out the way it is supposed to be. Even the slightest thing wrong could end up being something concerning. Making sure everything is smooth, and your children have their school shots is vital. For those that fall in the above 50 brackets, it’s recommended you go to the doctor once a year to ensure everything looks good. Once you hit 50, health is an even bigger priority. Your bones and immune system are older now. Although many people live to be 80, or even 90, it’s harder to do that when your doctor isn’t making sure everything looks good.

What is Involved in Your Regular Check-Up?

The second most common question we get asked is what is involved in a regular check-up. While every appointment is different based on your health needs, most appointments follow a standard routine. If your doctor has you coming in every six months to watch something specific, then you may not get the routine check-up every time. But, for your regular 3 years or once a year appointment, you can expect the routine. This routine usually starts with a nurse taking your height, weight, and blood pressure. Once that is done, you can expect to answer a lot of questions about the current state of your health and your medical history. Then, the doctor will do the regular ear, eye, mouth check along with the heartbeat check. There are a few other things they may look at depending on your health. After this part, you can get lab tests done. You may not choose to get them done; however, lab tests can reveal a great deal about your health. From cholesterol levels to your iron levels, lab tests tell doctors more about your health than most of the appointment will.

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If you are unsure of what to expect at your doctor’s appointment and want to learn more, check out our website. We have tons of resources that further explain what to expect. To schedule your annual check-up or physical, reach out to our Walking Urgent Care team today at (954) 398-5306.