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HEre’s Why You Should have blood work done sooner than later!

During your annual physical or any doctor appointment you make, you have the option of getting blood work done. And while you don’t need to overdo it and get your blood tested every single time you go to the doctor, it’s good to get the blood work done at least once a year. Or, if you have a severe medical condition, then your doctor may even recommend coming in more frequently. The moral of the story is that blood work is critical. You could be the healthiest person alive and still should get routine blood work done. You may be wondering why blood work is an option and what it even is testing. Don’t worry too much about that yet. Our team has crafted this guide to give you all of the facts about blood work and why it is so vital. All you have to do is keep reading.

What Does Blood Work Test?

The blood works test for many different aspects of your health, which are all vital to ensure you are living a healthy lifestyle. Many people choose to get their blood work done when they come in for their annual physical; however, what people don’t know is that the blood work may even be more important than the rest of the appointment. The thing about blood is that it can tell us a lot of information about your health. Some of the things blood can test for is cholesterol levels, STD’s, complete blood count, thyroid panel, nutrients, and enzyme markers. Some of the above items, such as STD testing and enzyme markers, do not need to be tested for every time you do the blood work; however, in certain circumstances, we do recommend it.

Why is Blood Work Important?

Blood work is so critical because of how much it tells your doctor about your health. During the other part of the appointment where you get your weight, height, heartbeat, etc. tested, it gives your doctor some perspective, but not quite as much as blood does. The blood work can tell us about many aspects of your health and give us some insight into what looks good and what parts of your body could use treatment. Without the blood work, you may feel healthy and look healthy, but there could be something worsening that we don’t see. Blood work can also give us a heads up about more severe conditions and diseases that you could have. Sometimes these tests can end up saving your life. To put it bluntly, without these tests, you are taking a gamble on your health. Even if you have never had issues your whole life, that does not mean that your body won’t have a change of pace.

What Testing Should I Get Annually?

When it comes to blood work, the question our staff here at Walking Urgent Care, Inc., located in Coral Springs, Florida, gets asked the most is what blood work testing should they get annually. While we can do every test, we understand wanting to do some and not do others. Of course, this all depends on your age, health, and other miscellaneous factors. Regardless of these factors and your health, we recommend getting the basic blood count test, which includes blood sugar, calcium, kidney function, creatine, and electrolytes. Essentially, all things that can give us an idea of your iron levels. Although, it does not hurt to go ahead and take it a step further and get the comprehensive test. This test adds in your cholesterol, protein, and liver functions. Getting the comprehensive test done will further give you peace of mind about your health and look deeper into any potential problems.

Walk In Urgent Care Can Help

Whether you tend to procrastinate going to the doctor or are a health guru, getting your blood work done should never be something you put off. Not only does the blood work help your doctor help you, but it also gives you peace of mind about your health. To learn more about blood work or our other services here at Walking Urgent Care, Inc., located in Coral Springs, Florida, give us a call today at (954) 737-4967. Our team also can either book you an appointment, or you can walk in whenever you have time to spare.