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Five Times You Should Get a STD Test

For some people, sex is a physical expression of love to be shared only with an intimate, romantic partner. For others, sex is a means of achieving physical pleasure that doesn’t require commitment or romantic feelings. And still, for others, sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and just isn’t worth the hassle. Human sexuality exists on a vast spectrum which we all express differently and assign different meaning to. While our society is slowly growing to accept this fact, the conversation is still lacking when it comes to STD testing in Coral Springs. 

Why? People find it embarrassing. The shame and stigmas surrounding testing positive for and sexually transmitted disease or infection cause millions of Americans to put their lives and health at risk each year by avoiding testing through any means necessary. Knowing your status can protect your health and that of the people you love, yet the lack of information available leaves many people lost and confused.  

At Walking Urgent Care, we are dedicated to keeping our community healthy and informed, so here are five times you should get an STD test.  

Once per Year, Especially for People Under 24 Years Old 

Late teens into early adulthood is when most people become sexually active. This is also a vulnerable period, as it is when most new STD infections occur. From curable infections like Chlamydia to lifelong conditions like Herpes and HIV, the sooner you detect it the better. Getting into the practice of getting tested once per year is a great way to maintain your peace of mind. If you do test positive, Walking Urgent Care has resources available to help you understand your options and how to practice safe sex. 

When Entering a New Sexual Relationship 

The early stages of any relationship should be fun and exciting. As you learn more about your new partner, be sure part of the conversation includes your STD/STI status. Some people avoid ever asking the question out of fear of ‘ruining the mood’ or making things awkward, but it’s important to be open and honest with your partner. Getting tested together is a sign of mutual respect and concern for each other’s well-being. Know what you’re getting into now rather than finding out later down the road. 

If You Become Pregnant 

There’s a lot that comes with pregnancy, including a barrage of tests to ensure both mommy and baby are safe and healthy. STD testing in Coral Springs should be among that checklist, both at the beginning and toward the end of the gestation period. Some STDs can cause pregnancy complications and need to be monitored, or may require special measures to ensure baby is safe and healthy during delivery. Your OB/GYN can give you more information about what measures should be taken should you test positive for any such conditions.  

Once Per Month for People Working in the Sex Industry 

The number of sexual partners one has can contribute to an increased risk for STD infection, especially in South Florida. For sex workers, including adult film stars, this increased risk means getting tested more frequently than the average person. Depending on the situation, sex workers should get tested as frequently as once per month or once every three months. Walking Urgent Care STD testing in Coral Springs is confidential and judgement-free, so you are safe and welcome to protect your sexual health here. 

When Experiencing Symptoms 

When something changes in your body, you notice. Don’t ignore those signs. It’s always better to get tested and come back negative than to allow an infection or disease to go unchecked. Failure to do so can lead to health complications like infertility, greater risk for certain cancers, or even death. Your fear is never worth the risk. 

Your sexual health is your responsibility. Get tested today with Walking Urgent Care.