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Don’t Catch a Spring Cold Learn How to Boost Your Immune System

The common cold is often classified as a cold weather concern. However, a cold is a viral infection that can affect you any time of the year, including the spring. Like most infections, the stronger your immune system, the less likely you are to catch a cold, and if you do, the faster you will recover.

You can many things to boost your immune system; here are some of them.

Get Some Rest 

Sleep is the human bodies’ restorative process, like somewhat of a reset. Over time, if a person does not get an adequate amount of rest, then this poor practice will increase their likelihood of contracting illnesses, including viral infections. A lack of sleep is thought to suppress the normal functions of the immune system.

So, when you come in contact with a viral infection, your body will be less equipped to fight off the attack. The average adult needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. If you’re struggling to get this amount consistently, then readjust your schedule so that you can get to bed earlier.

Consider what time you have to be up in the morning and try to get in the bed at least 8 hours before this time. Once you know what time you want to go to sleep, turn off the television and put down your smartphone so that you can fall asleep faster. 

Follow a Healthy Diet

A diet that is full of fruits and vegetables can help you beat a cold. Food tastes good, and it even looks delightful, but its main purpose is nutrient intake. When the body lacks vital nutrients, you are at a higher propensity for illness than when you do have adequate nutrient levels.

To get on the right track, add plenty of citrus fruits to your diet, including oranges and grapefruit. Citrus fruits are loaded with Vitamin C. You’re often encouraged to up your Vitamin C intake when you are sick, so it would only make sense to maintain sufficient Vitamin C levels in order not to get sick. Yogurt is another healthy food selection.

Yogurt contains cultures that help activate the immune system. Avoid processed foods as much as you can, although these foods may not directly target your immune system, they don’t provide you with the nutrients you need to keep your body functioning optimally, which isn’t helpful.

Enjoy Time Outdoors

The average person is said to spend upwards of 87 percent of their day inside. Between time spent at home, work, and other tasks, it is easy to rationalize that you’re too busy to spend much time outside. However, if you want to put your immune system powers into overdrive, then head outside. Spending time outside can help your immune function in a couple of different ways.

First, there is something about being outdoors that naturally lowers your stress levels. Since high stress can weaken your immune system, less stress can only help. Second, exposure to the sun can enhance your T lymphocytes function, which increases cellular function within your immune system.

How much sun exposure you need varies based on several factors, but if you’re spending hardly any time outside now, even a few extra minutes a day is an excellent place to begin.  

A strong immune system is an excellent starting point, but it doesn’t make you invincible. While a common cold is often manageable, there are times when medical attention is necessary to treat this type of condition. If you have a cold that you’re concerned about, then contact us at Walking Urgent Care, Inc. We’re here to get you healthy.