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Count on an Urgent Care Near Me in Coral Springs to Treat All Your Minor Illnesses, Bumps, and Bruises

Have you been searching for urgent care near me that is highly rated with medical staff available 24/7? If so, you should try Walking Urgent Care, Inc., a trusted urgent care clinic that offers a wide array of services with family physicians who are dedicated to caring for your family’s health and wellbeing. 

Why use an urgent care facility? 

  • When your primary care physician is not available because their hours are limited, 
  • When you don’t want to go to an emergency room 
  • When you are looking for a new primary care physician

You can find that all and more at Walking Urgent Care, Inc. Our medical team offers patients 30 years of combined experience. We are the perfect choice when you need after-hours or weekend medical care for a non-life-threatening situation. No one can predict when an illness might strike. Often it’s while you’re in bed for the night that you start to feel unwell. Unfortunately, your primary doctor is in for the night as well. Luckily, there is hope for emergency care in this country. An urgent care facility like Walking Urgent Care is the perfect choice to treat minor broken bones, abrasions, and sore throats. We are the go-to choice for patients who can’t get immediate appointments with their primary doctor. At Walking Urgent Care, you’ll receive excellent health care from one of our board-certified physicians who are trained to treat your minor aches and pains.

What constitutes a non-life-threatening condition?

A sprained ankle, a deep cut that requires stitches, or a urinary tract infection is usually not considered a life-threatening emergency. But still, you do need to be seen and treated quickly or risk the condition getting worse. An urgent care facility like Walking Urgent Care would be the perfect place to go for treatment if you have any of these conditions. That’s because we have the equipment to diagnose your specific medical situation and the X-Ray technology needed to make a complete diagnosis. In cases of broken bones, we may treat what we can but refer you to a specialist who can help further. For non-emergencies that need to be attended to within the next 24 hours like strep throat, fever, earaches, flu symptoms, and bladder infections, look no further than urgent care near me in Coral Springs. Walking Urgent Care in Coral Springs is an excellent walk-in clinic with a stellar reputation in the Coral Springs community and beyond.

What common ailments does an urgent care facility treat?

At Walking Urgent Care, you can always expect the highest quality treatment from our board-certified physicians. We treat such non-life-threatening ailments, bumps, and bruises such as:

  • Ankle or wrist sprain
  • Minor broken bones
  • Cuts that need minor stitches and minor scrapes
  • Fever, cold, and flu symptoms that last more than a week
  • Severe sore throat to test for contagious strep
  • Pink eye (which is also highly contagious)
  • STDs which can be highly contagious
  • Skin irritations and rashes

What to expect at an urgent care facility in Coral Springs.

When you enter our Walking Urgent Care clinic, you’ll be greeted professionally by our friendly team, who will take your medical history promptly, and then talk with you about what is wrong. You’ll then take a seat in our comfortable, spacious waiting room where you can expect to wait no longer than 10 or 15 minutes to be seen by one of our highly-skilled, board-certified doctors. At Walking Urgent Care in Coral Springs, we are open after business hours, and on weekends, so you’ll never have to worry about booking an appointment in advance again. So, if you are researching urgent care near me in Coral Springs, look no further than Walking Urgent Care, Inc. Don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated medical team at (954) 210-5097 for more information about our practice and many services, or just come on over to our conveniently located clinic in Coral Springs. You’ll always find our professional staff here evenings after work and weekends to accommodate your busy schedule.