Walking Urgent Care provides a broad range of urgent care medical services at our practice, serving residents of all ages throughout Florida.
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While some conditions and symptoms can be treated at home, it’s important to be aware of those that could use an expert’s opinion and guidance. Here at Walking Urgent Care, Inc. we can help you with a variety of medical problems from as little as a scrape to as serious as an injury that requires an x-ray. We are here for you and have a goal to help you and your loved ones make a full recovery. Emergency rooms are built to assist those in dire conditions, leaving those with minor issues to wait for extended periods to be seen.

Getting tested for STDs is of vital importance, even if you’re not sure that you’ve contracted one. It is always better to go ahead and get tested and be delightfully surprised by the results than to not get tested and walk around not knowing. When it comes to your health it’s always best to take the safe, responsible route. And if you need to get tested, you can feel comfortable knowing that there is a team of wonderful individuals who are here to provide you with the high-quality medical assistance you need and deserve. The staff at Walking Urgent Care

At the Walking Urgent Care, among the many things we can do for you is spot if you suffer from cardiovascular disease. Our advanced and compassionate approaches offer patients a new alternative to treating rather complex illnesses. We understand the importance of being in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable medical staff, in a moment such as this one. With various services and techniques available, and a state-of-the-art facility, our patients can feel safe knowing that they’re in the right place. Our primal goal is to aid patients suffering from the different types of vascular disease, including peripheral arterial

Some people only begin to understand the importance of their vascular system, once it begins to fail. While vascular disease is a serious illness there are several treatment options and procedures available and when you visit Walking Care, we can certainly set you up so that you speak with the right professionals that can aid your case. Here, we pride ourselves in providing patients optimal care. Our medical staff is here to assist you in the process and provide you with the orientation you will need as you take different measures to emerge from this moment. Blood clots, for instance,

Experiencing leg pain is not only very uncomfortable, and inconvenient but it’s also worrying. It’s important that when you have that sensation of pain, you don’t ignore it or pass it up as something inconsequential. The wise thing to do is always to have a medical consultation and have a licensed professional determine what can be causing it. At Walking Care, we have specialists in nearly every area of medicine, and if we cannot treat the symptoms or the disease at hand, we’ll certainly recommend you to a specialist to assist you as soon as possible. We know that vascular

You should always take head wounds seriously, but, in many cases, this type of injury can be treated by applying a cold compress to the area or cleaning out a mild wound with rubbing alcohol and applying an antibiotic to the injured scalp. However, a head wound should receive immediate medical care if any of the following symptoms are present or the following situations apply to the wounded person. If you or your loved one has symptoms of dizziness or confusion, you’ll want to have a medical professional evaluate them right away. Any head injury that is impactful enough to cause

In 2013, 56,832 Americans died from pneumonia, and that was not an anomaly. While some people think pneumonia is a disease that only killed people many years ago, it in fact can still and still does claim lives today. Thousands of people die from pneumonia each year in the U.S. Slightly more women than men are hospitalized for pneumonia, and the rate is slightly higher in white Americans than in black Americans. This disease is far from obsolete, and even with modern medicine, not everyone recovers. At Walking Urgent Care, Inc., we can help diagnose and treat you if you

If you are like most people, the thought of waiting in a germ-filled emergency room to treat minor abrasions, minor broken bones, strep throat or sprain, and minor back problems just doesn't make sense. You can easily catch a cold or worse sitting in an emergency room waiting room. That's why urgent care clinics are springing up all over the United States with no end in sight. So, how do you know which urgent care facility is best to choose? If you're looking for the best urgent care near me in Coral Springs, then look no further than Walking Urgent

If you suspect you have an STD, it's fast and easy to get it checked out at an STD testing clinic in Coral Springs. Did you know that many walk-in clinics test for STDs? Walking Urgent Care, Inc. is available to screen you for STDs and any other contagious sexual disease without an appointment. Did you now that Chlamydia is the most common STD that affects both men and women? But it can go undetected because the signs of this infection are so mild that you might not realize you have it. If you suspect that you have an STD,