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There comes a point every year where your annual physical nears. While this date gets closer and closer more questions may begin to pop into your head. Some of these questions we commonly get asked are whether a physical exam is necessary and why we recommend getting one every year. These questions and the many others we get are valid and can bring out some frustration in patients. Our staff at Walking Urgent Care, Inc. understands how annoying it can be coming into the clinic for a quick physical exam; however, these exams can serve you many benefits. It may

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if its time to get that x-ray for your most recent injury. An x-ray can be easy to put off because sometimes we truly don’t know that our body is in a condition that requires one. Some people even find that they can function with some pain and decide that things will just eventually resolve themselves. This may be all fine and good for now; however, injuries that require x-rays do not always get better on there own. In fact, in a lot of cases, these injuries tend to get worse and worse

In a time where there are numerous in-person options such as Urgent Care, your primary care physician (otherwise known as your PCP), and the ER it can be difficult to understand when to go to what. Having all of the options in the world sounds amazing and convenient, right? Wrong. Sometimes having many different options can make things harder on the patient. It’s important to know when an illness or injury is minor, moderate, or life-threatening. These categories are a telltale sign of where to go for the best possible treatment. While we all know our bodies and when things

X-rays are a method used by doctors and nurses to get imagery of your bodily structure, usually the bones. This method is almost always painless and quick for patients. This imagery method works by passing beams through your body, which are then absorbed. Depending on how dense the object the beam passed through is how each object will show up on the photo. For example, white is for the more dense objects such as your bones and any metal in your body. The gray parts make up your fat and muscle while your black parts represent the air in your

STDs are infections typically spread through sexual contact or intercourse. Syphilis, herpes, and chlamydia are just a few examples of common STDs. The only way to be sure that you have an STD is to get tested by a medical professional. You should be tested for STDs regularly, even if you do not display symptoms. It is essential you do not ignore your sexual health. Not sure if you should be tested? Talk to our professionals at Walking Urgent Care, Inc. and see if getting tested is a good choice for you.  Many sexual health exams require a urine sample in

While some conditions and symptoms can be treated at home, it’s important to be aware of those that could use an expert’s opinion and guidance. Here at Walking Urgent Care, Inc. we can help you with a variety of medical problems from as little as a scrape to as serious as an injury that requires an x-ray. We are here for you and have a goal to help you and your loved ones make a full recovery. Emergency rooms are built to assist those in dire conditions, leaving those with minor issues to wait for extended periods to be seen.

Getting tested for STDs is of vital importance, even if you’re not sure that you’ve contracted one. It is always better to go ahead and get tested and be delightfully surprised by the results than to not get tested and walk around not knowing. When it comes to your health it’s always best to take the safe, responsible route. And if you need to get tested, you can feel comfortable knowing that there is a team of wonderful individuals who are here to provide you with the high-quality medical assistance you need and deserve. The staff at Walking Urgent Care

At the Walking Urgent Care, among the many things we can do for you is spot if you suffer from cardiovascular disease. Our advanced and compassionate approaches offer patients a new alternative to treating rather complex illnesses. We understand the importance of being in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable medical staff, in a moment such as this one. With various services and techniques available, and a state-of-the-art facility, our patients can feel safe knowing that they’re in the right place. Our primal goal is to aid patients suffering from the different types of vascular disease, including peripheral arterial

Some people only begin to understand the importance of their vascular system, once it begins to fail. While vascular disease is a serious illness there are several treatment options and procedures available and when you visit Walking Care, we can certainly set you up so that you speak with the right professionals that can aid your case. Here, we pride ourselves in providing patients optimal care. Our medical staff is here to assist you in the process and provide you with the orientation you will need as you take different measures to emerge from this moment. Blood clots, for instance,

Experiencing leg pain is not only very uncomfortable, and inconvenient but it’s also worrying. It’s important that when you have that sensation of pain, you don’t ignore it or pass it up as something inconsequential. The wise thing to do is always to have a medical consultation and have a licensed professional determine what can be causing it. At Walking Care, we have specialists in nearly every area of medicine, and if we cannot treat the symptoms or the disease at hand, we’ll certainly recommend you to a specialist to assist you as soon as possible. We know that vascular