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A 3-Step Guide to Manage Asthma Better

Asthma attacks can be avoidable when you are proactive in monitoring your health conditions or ongoing treatment. Our Urgent Care Center in Coral Springs, Florida is ready to assist you or your loved one with your concerns and inquiries about asthma and its treatment.

Because of that, we would like to share these guidelines on how you can manage your asthma and reduce the chances of triggering an asthma attack.

  1. Monitor the Symptoms: As much as possible, create a list of the symptoms that have manifested with your asthma. With this list, your primary care physician can instruct you whether you need to make adjustments with the treatments or not. In particular, record occurrences of the following:
    • Episodes and frequency of wheezing sound especially upon exhaling
    • Difficulty in sleeping caused by shortness of breath
    • Tightness of chest
    • Usage of quick-relief inhalers and the number of puffs taken
    • Occurrence of symptoms during exercises
    • Occurrence of fever, sneezing, and runny nose
  2. Evaluate Lung Function: Since asthma affects your breathing, you will need to undergo regular lung checkups to test the overall functionality of your lungs. These tests are intended to evaluate whether your lungs are in good working order. If not, you will need to have your treatment adjusted.
  3. Adjust Treatment: After the state of your lungs is evaluated, you will then be prescribed with an adjusted treatment, depending on how the doctor determines your asthma. These adjustments will be reflected again in the asthma action plan that you have already created with them.

How do you work with your physician?

If you or a loved one has asthma, you know how this condition can get severe in some instances. Furthermore, asthma symptoms change, which affects its severity. For this reason, we encourage you to meet with your doctor regularly. You can even drop by our clinic providing urgent care services in Florida. As you cooperate with your doctor, you will learn to control your treatment with confidence.

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