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3 Reasons Why your Annual Physical is Important

The majority of people do not enjoy going to the doctor’s office. And for various reasons. Some think it is an inconvenience, while others are just scared; either way, it’s critical everyone takes a small part out of their year and go. Attending your annual physical may not seem like it would change much; however, it can end up saving your life. It may not save your life the day you go, but it could later down the line. When it comes down to it, health is the number one priority for everyone. And while you may be healthy now, you never know what could happen in a year. Here at Walking Urgent Care, Inc., we make the annual physical less of an inconvenience by allowing you to either schedule an appointment or walk-in at your leisure. If you still are not convinced that you should plan on a trip to the doctor for your annual physical, keep reading.

  • Preventative Health

The main reason we recommend people go to their annual physical is for preventative reasons. You may be healthy right now, but that does not mean something could happen within a year. This scenario is especially the case for those who come in, are tested, and end up having high cholesterol, anemia, and high or low blood pressure. These issues are all those that we can treat or control; however, not knowing you have them can make the situation worse and cause other parts of your health to decline. Coming in for your routine physical can also detect other illnesses and diseases that need to be treated early on, such as cancer. While the thought of being in this situation can be scary, it’s always better to know the state of your health so you can get treated.

  • Vaccinations

While vaccinations are not for everyone, and some choose not to get them, it’s critical to ensure you are aware of which ones you can get. Many people decide to avoid vaccines such as the flu; however, some of these people have received other vaccines. Whether you have an underlying condition that restricts you from getting vaccinated, or you have religious exemptions, knowing about the vaccines is still vital. Going to the doctor every year for your annual physical can keep you informed on vaccinations and if there are any that could benefit you. If you choose to get a vaccination, you can also do so at your annual physical, no need to schedule another appointment. Unless of course, you need time to think about your decision, which in that case, you can walk on into Walking Urgent Care, Inc. if you decide to proceed.

  • Medical Record Updates

The most underrated and overlooked reason everyone should see their doctor for their annual physical is for medical record updates. A year is a long time, and a lot can change. You may be thinking that some of these changes are minor and do not have an effect on your life; however, from a doctor’s perspective, it’s still good for us to know these small changes. The reason being is that it may be minor now, but you never know what could happen. Also, some of the things we recommend to you would not be the same when other variables are involved. It’s also important to let us know of any medical changes in your family member’s history. If your parents now have diabetes and did not one year ago, then it’s possible you could be more susceptible to having it in the future too. Every change makes a big difference when evaluating health.

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Here at Walking Urgent Care, Inc., located in Coral Springs, Florida, we know how easy it can be to procrastinate the annual physical. You may even consider skipping it this year. But we are here to tell you to please go. Your health and life could end up depending on it. With our clinic, you don’t even need to book an appointment; come on in whenever you have an extra hour. To learn more about the importance of annual physicals and the many services we offer here at Walking Urgent Care, Inc., give us a call today at (954) 371-1366.